In Relation...

For those that tuned in to the Zoom call last night, THANK YOU!

A week ago one of my college sister’s asked me to speak about relationships with her church Bible study via Zoom. Ya’ll, I immediately thought she was crazy AF! It’s been a while since we’d caught up and if she had known my experiences and testimonies about relationships she would think twice. The perspective quickly shifted because days prior to this I had meditated and prayed, asking for enlargement of my territory, to be able to reach people through my business ventures. For those who may not know I am in the process of exploring consultation and more speaking engagements. And boom! Here came an opportunity. Thankful was an understatement.

Let’s just say the experience was phenomenal! I wanted to go live on social media, but wanted to be respectful of the space and moment. It was amazing seeing women come together, especially among a religious and spiritual group where we may find ourselves targeted and shamed for our thoughts and actions as if we aren’t human. They were extremely open, receptive, and engaged.

As some of you may know me to be personally, but also from the blog and/or podcast, I am very transparent. I have alluded to my experiences with relationships on various podcasts, but I was extremely candid with some women in another state that I initially didn’t know, but immediately loved. The energy was unmatched, support was given, and new relationships were formed! I would go into more detail, but what happened in the virtual room stayed in the virtual room and I must respect that.

I’m sure you must be wondering what am I getting at here and why did I title this blog post as such. Ready? We are in relation to something or someone at all times whether it’s proximity or title. Never doubt your relation. Ya’ll know I like examples so here we go. I questioned my relation to this opportunity when asked to speak for this particular occasion after asking for it through prayer and meditation. If we aren’t specific for what we ask for we will miss it. Next, I doubted why my college sister would ask me of all people to speak on this particular topic. What I couldn’t question was my relation to this topic. Remember healing is continuous and despite being the speaker I have been peeling back layers about relations, both romantically, in friendships, and the healing and spiritual journey on both podcasts and blogs. But last night the actual narrative was told…for the first time in a public platform. Might I add this wasn’t planned, but it just happened authentically.

We are always placed in relation to people, things, or an opportunity for a reason. I can imagine there’s been lots of questioning in the year of 2020 with all of its shenanigans. While it’s easier said than done not to question all that this year has brought, don’t do it! Everything happens for a reason and your reason may be what you asked for or needed. Think of all the times you’ve questioned something and in hindsight it was for your greater good. Use this as a reminder to guide whatever you may be questioning at this moment: It will always work out for your good and come full circle!

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