Protect Black Women

In uncertain times of a longstanding history of police brutality, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we may find ourselves tired. A moment of transparency…it’s old. We riot and protest until the next killing and return back to “normal”. With the recent losses of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and now Elijah McClain along with many other names we now are saying, we have united to protest again racism and police brutality.

Despite our own disagreements about protests and rioting, let’s be clear. Protesting and rioting are very different, but the media seems to have it confused. This time has been different for a number of reasons. We’ve been consistent from painting and renaming streets to raising awareness. While businesses have taken a stance by supporting #BLM, the racial injustices have been a pandemic long before the COVID-19 pandemic. Aside from this, something else has been consistent: We are fighting for the death of a Black woman to be recognized and the killer cop to be arrested. This trend is similar for us as Black women with fighting for rights and being on the front lines to combat injustices in our lives, the workplace, and within our families. This isn’t to take away from the brutality of Black men. We stand with our Black men and recognize the longstanding injustices against them for many centuries. However, it is equally important to bring awareness and continue to do so. Another example is the many girls that have gone missing (#SaveOurGirls), daily abductions, and finding our remains. Our history is often unwritten, forgotten, or stolen. We are a commodity.

I personally am an advocate against police brutality for both men and women, especially of color as we are affected at a disproportionate rate compared to any other racial group. My dissertation was about police brutality so the passion and fire of police brutality affecting Black males is strong! I must admit it’s been disheartening to see Breonna's case overlooked, undermined, and placed on the back burner. Even the media attention has been skewed regarding her case, the protests were not as significant, and the arrest of the cop(s) has still not been made.

Let’s remember to say Breonna Taylor’s name so she isn’t forgotten and her legacy lives on, along with many of the other girls and women affected by police brutality and daily injustices.

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