Protect Yourself & Your Peace

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

As we all know, we are experiencing uncertain times with COVID-19. For many it is a time that is scary, unpredictable, controversial, etc. While I have many thoughts about the developments of COVID-19 one message that is constantly playing in my head is self-protection. This experience is one that has tested many people’s faith. We are a society that is more dependent than I thought we were. We are dependent on toilet tissue, food, being employed by others, and the list goes. I’m sure most of us never thought we would see the times we are currently witnessing. Yet, it is here and we still don’t personally seem to be preparing ourselves (and I'm not talking about quarantining). We are withdrawing our bank accounts among many other senseless acts in response to fear, panic, and social comparison. I must admit I have observed people’s sense of creativity through virtual activities on social media, so kudos to you all. I have also partaken in these and it has been LIT! However, when we are no longer living in this virtual reality that most of do without a pandemic, life must continue. Are you prepared if another crisis happens? What can you do now to prepare? I have heard how “bored” people are. Think of all the times we have complained about "needing more hours in the day" or "if we only had more time" and we begin to name a laundry list of tasks we would complete. Well, the time has come, the time is NOW! This moment of quarantining could be all you need to start your business, get closer to family, take a class, or whatever it is that you have been longing to do. Doing these things will only set you up for further success and may decrease the likelihood that you have to dependent on working for someone else or prevent barriers during a time of crisis. Protect yourself and your peace during these times. No one else can do that, but you. Tap into your creativity. For those who are unemployed or out of work, continue to engage in your craft in unconventional ways or explore your passions, interests, and goals. Limit the background noise such as the news, family/friends, and social media about COVID-19 where you will be distracted and misaligned with your goals. We all know what’s going on around us without the nonstop updates. Tomorrow isn't promised. Stop putting off what can be done today for tomorrow.

Take care of yourselves and stay healthy!

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