Socially Distancing From Your Table

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Many of us have gathered to have a meal at a table at some point of our lives. As a culture food is a way to our soul, hence the phrase "soul food". As of late, being able to engage in this has been difficult for most due to social distancing. We have either adjusted to social distancing, ignored it, or are still following whatever the guidelines are where you may be. Socially we have been forced to identify new ways to engage with others or experienced decreased interactions and contact. The meaning of social distance is literal. It means distance from social interactions or engaging from a distance. The pandemic that has prompted social distancing has allowed us to be flexible and find new a normal.

When we become distant from things and people our focus and priorities shift. This is why some people may fast to get clarity or reorganize their priorities. Because social distancing is focuses on the basis of relationships our relationships become impacted most. During this time you may have found your relationships to be strengthened, weakened, or ambivalent. I have called social distancing the year of elevation. Something is happening in the universe to align us with our purpose and path. If you understand the premise of energy work and healing then you know the universe responds accordingly when we lack something or are not doing what is needed. While this pandemic is a stressful time for many don’t ignore this social distance piece. A recent sermon I watched online confirmed this. Here was the gist of it: Social distancing forces distance between us to know who’s needed, who’s wanted, and who stays and goes. Now we are forced to distance ourselves from people we didn’t have the willpower to leave, but knew we needed to. Whoa! That’s a word!

Where are you seated at the table? How have you allowed people to sit at your table or you sat at someone else's when you or them didn't belong? Someone came empty handed, ate all of the food, used all of the resources, brought negative vibes, etc. Maybe the relationship wasn’t mutual or benefiting you or the other person(s), maybe you found yourself regressing or being stagnant. Some may stay out of respect, caring what others think or how they may feel, or the history and memories gathered. Remember who's at the table, who's not present, and your position at the table that may impact your journey positively or negatively. All of these factors can also leave minimal room for other people/things who need to be there instead. People can be food for the soul also and serve as a source of nourishment. If the relationship doesn't feed your soul let it go.

If nothing else is learned during the lesson of this pandemic and social distancing remember time waits for no one. Control what you can and let go of things you can/cannot and sometimes that's people.

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