The Power of Prayer & Manifestation

When I think of the power of prayer and manifestation the T.I.'s song Whatever You Like comes to mind. That's how prayer and manifestation works. Whatever it is that you need, desire, are worthy of you can have. Sounds simple. It is simple, but complex at the same time. You have to be ready to receive. It's all about mindset. If you're asking for something and you don't feel you're deserving of having it or you have not completed the necessary actions to receive the blessing, it won't happen. It must all align. Remember there will only be three possible answers when you make your request:




I grew up in church all of my life. I did not learn how to truly pray or go into worship until I was in my early 20s when I was a part of an amazing church with a phenomenal leader that really helped me gain this understanding. I also learned that prayer and manifestation isn't specific to religion. It's more so about being whole, knowing who you are, whose you are, and having a spiritual understanding. The most important part that I learned in my 20s is that prayer and worship can and should be able to happen anywhere, anytime without a building to congregate with others, without music, or any other supplements. When you're driving in the car, the shower, in your home you can go into worship! Believe me I've been in some strange places where I just needed to tap in.

Now for manifesting. Manifesting can look like being grateful in advance for what you haven't yet received. Here's an example: I would like to purchase a home soon. Besides being in prayer about it, I am manifesting it by taking better care of my current space than I was before and expressing thanksgiving for my current shelter. I am showing I am worthy of more. I think it is foolish for me to ask for more when I am not grateful for my current blessings. This is my way of showing I am deserving. This may look different for you.

Ya'll the power of prayer and manifestation is unbelievable. It is literally life changing! Surround yourself with people that can tap in when you feel unable to and can support you along the way! Don't be afraid to ask for support in this area!

Remember whatever you want, you can have!

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