They Don't Make Them Like You Anymore

To be kid a things when things were likely much simpler; to play and tell stories that were never retold. How many times have you confided in someone about your personal matters and later found out the information wasn't kept? Has there ever been a time you wanted to share information with someone, but were hesitant or you decided to simply refrain from saying anything? On the opposite end of the spectrum have you been the person to gossip about information you were told to keep safe?

All of these questions bring the traits of loyalty, respect, and trustworthiness to mind. We seem to live in a world where these qualities are difficult to find in people these days, and sometimes in ourselves. I contribute a lot of this to social media. I'm sure you cant think of a person or five that comes to mind wo must share every millisecond of their lives with the world, but I digress! Anywho, people really aren't made like they once were. This came to mind this week following Chadwick Boseman's death and the former Niecy Nash's (now Nash-Betts) wedding. While Chadwick's scenario involved a terminal illness and Niecy's example was related to her love life and marriage there are at least two common denominators in both situations: Protection and Discernment. The individuals they chose to share pieces of themselves with were likely trying to protect them from any harm, attack, or scrutiny they may have come against. Aside from the facts they are both celebrities and being in that role it's difficult to keep anything private. Can you imagine?! Their secret keepers respected both of these individuals enough to do this. Both parties used discernment in who they chose to involve. This was beautiful. While some may have ill feelings that Chadwick chose to "suffer" silently and Niecy would've been supported on her relationship journey, maybe they chose to eliminate all background noise. It's like the saying goes, less is more. The fewer people privy to information the better. The fewer people the less drama. Sometimes sharing pieces of ourselves with others doesn't require power in numbers.

Lastly, it is people's business to determine how they conduct themselves. We offer opinions unwarranted or unsolicited. Example: Consider how many people judged Chadwick when he exhibited significant weight loss. Maybe if the responses were different maybe he would've been more comfortable disclosing. And maybe not. Some people are more private than others. How people choose to conduct themselves is a case-by-case basis. There is no handbook to this.

The bottom line is we have done our part in not being our best selves to self or others. It's much easier to mind the business that pays us instead of minding others. Minding our business and protecting others if and when asked could easily be a life or death situation.

Keep this mind: If someone has told someone else's business to you they will tell yours too.

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