What the WAP?

I am back again to talk about Megan. Megan Thee Stallion that is, but this time talking about Megan and Cardi’s new single, WAP. If you don’t know what this acronym stands for, imagine the most vulgar words while thinking about what they talk about in a lot of their songs I would assume (if it’s not on the radio, I probably haven’t heard it or listened), and I’m sure you can come up with the name of the song.

I have written a previous post about Megan Thee Stallion and mainly Black women allowing their children to perform to her song Savage on TikTok. Now I am here to offer a different POV. I will be honest, you might not like it, but if you have listened to podcasts and read other posts then you know this platform is real and sometimes unconventional. Except this post will be very different! There is no being grammatically correct. Imagine that this is your good sis or friend on the phone or FaceTime having this conversation with you. That will give you an illustration of how unconventional this post is about to be. I am not saying I condone the song or video, however, there is an excessive amount of finger pointing occurring.

Ready…let’s go!

So, I have my thoughts about Megan TheenStallion and other similar artists in general. I also have my opinions about the song which include the fact I was underwhelmed. Yes, with the animals, display of body parts, explicit lyrics, I was still not impressed. However, my reaction was much different than normal after viewing this video. Surprisingly, I was not disgusted in the least bit. A lot of people were. From my viewing of critiques and reviews of the song, people either seem to like it or love it, no in between, but I digress.

Here is why I was not disgusted. We do realize the video/song along with others that are similar was created because that is what sells? The saying sex sells is valid. It is what people seem to like. Think of it like this. It is like positive reinforcement with children. When children perform a task that we want we reward them. When they do not there is some punishment. It is the same with being a consumer. People only create what is selling or liked, basically what is reinforced or seems to be needed at the time. It is that simple. If you truly are not a fan of supporting the name calling of women, scantily clad dressing, explicit lyrics about body parts or functions, then do not support it. Oh, encourage those close to you as well because we seem to fall short in that area sometimes because of what others may think. What happens most times when we advocate for issues besides in our circles of friends? We say we do not like certain songs or entertainers, but when some liquid courage comes along or a group setting, we suddenly have amnesia. Pick a side sis because it is moments like that we believe do not matter, but it does because that’s additional airtime, likes, reinforcement of some sort. Also, in one instance we want women to become comfortable in their skin, but we shame them in the next. Do not get me wrong there are alternative methods that positive body image and self-esteem can be promoted besides what we view in the media or our everyday lives for that fact. Speaking of everyday lives, the same things Cardi and Megan rapped about in the song, some of us talk about with friends or on social media and think is funny or cute, we dress the way they do or similar when we go out, post certain poses and pictures on social media and the list goes on. And for the record, no I am not reinforcing victim blaming based on attire. However, I am encouraging us as women to be mindful of how judgmental we can be, play both sides, and then want to be the pot calling the kettle black.

The bottom line is that if we desire or believe equity is possible for us, we must first be honest and understand who we are our intentions, and actions. Do not shame other women for things we do ourselves or be quick to point the finger when it is most convenient for us. Equity and cohesion must first continue to be modeled among us as Black women for positive changes to continue to occur.

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